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    My name is Dr. Erika Vivyan, and I became a Licensed Psychologist in Texas because I want to help kids, teens, and young adults to grow into confident, happy humans. I studied Psychology, Arts & Humanities, and Educational Studies at Michigan State University before completing my Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. All that means is that I have been studying and practicing how to help kids with their biggest fears – like going to school, making friends, and messing up – for YEARS. I have helped kids overcome anxiety in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and on college campuses. I’ve worked in clinics, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations. Learning about anxiety is a never-ending labor of love for me, and I provide only the best anxiety treatment that is backed by science and clinical expertise.

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    The Values of Brave Young Minds


    Living with bravery and strength in the face of fear allows us to live the life we always imagined.


    Seeking out, experiencing, and learning new things is both challenging and rewarding.


    All humans are designed to grow and change in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they move through their lives. 


    Smiling and laughter can make even the most difficult situations a little easier.